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New Hope for Old Knees!

We are pleased to announce that Alpine Orthopaedics has recently made available regenerative stem cell procedures to our patients!!

If you’re not ready for surgery or not an ideal candidate, it may be that you have another non-invasive option. Now, through regenerative stem cell procedures, Alpine Orthopaedics offers a unique way to use your body’s own stem cells to heal your knees, hips, and shoulders.

What is regenerative stem cell therapy?

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery for many types of chronic acute musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Adult stem cells are cells from your own body that can renew themselves and turn into other cells. Although stem cells are found throughout the body, they are most concentrated in embryonic, bone marrow and adipose tissue. There is well published controversy around embryonic stem cells and harvesting bone marrow stem cells is done in a surgical environment, involves anesthesia, and can be painful to the patient. At Alpine Orthopaedics, we take a small amount of fat tissue from the adipose or flank region where the most potent stem cells are found. The fat tissue is processed to concentrate the stem cells which are then reinjected into a damaged area of the knee, hip or shoulder to help the body heal the affected area naturally.

This treatment is done in the comfort of our offices with no general anesthesia involved. The procedure causes very little discomfort to the patient who may return to work the following day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stem cell treatments FDA approved?

At this time stem cell treatments are not approved by the FDA. However, the FDA has issued many position papers regarding stem cell therapy and understands hundreds of qualified physicians across the USA are offering this procedure. The FDA requires that the stem cells may be no more than minimally manipulated and not genetically modified. Congress has continued to explore new regulatory pathways for stem cell therapy.

Are stem cell treatments right for me?

FDA regulations prevent us from making any sort of claims about expectations for success. You may see dramatic improvement in days or weeks or not until several months. Each patient is clinically different and will have varying degrees of success. However, anecdotal reports of success using this procedure are numerous and commonplace.

What can I expect before and after the treatment?

The Day of the Treatment: You will be in our offices several hours and part of this time is spent relaxing while the cell tissue is being processed. The extraction and injection happen during the same day. Once injected, there is no downtime.Post Treatment: You can expect to return to work the following day. You may be advised to avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Our procedure cost is $7,500 all-inclusive. At this point in time, payers continue to decline coverage on the grounds that the procedure is experimental. However, we offer simple and immediate third-party financing that will allow you to proceed with the procedure immediately.

What success have you had with the procedures?

There are claims that simple stem cell procedures can cure anything from Parkinson’s and cancer to brain injuries. There are clinical trials around the world involving stem cell therapy in these areas and more but at Alpine Orthopaedics we are injecting your own stem cells only into knees, hips and shoulders. This is where physicians across the US are seeing the most positive results. Each year there are more than one million knee arthroscopy procedures performed just in the US.

How do I learn more about the treatment?

Schedule your consultation today at 209-948-3333 or fill out our online booking form and we’ll get back to you shortly to schedule your appointment.

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